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Women's History Month

Teacher: David Frost
Designed African-style masks and painted Les Fetiches
The world's top expert on chimpanzees
One of Mexico's greatest artists
1st Latin American woman to win Nobel Prize for Literature in 1945
Won Nobel Peace Prize for human rights work in Burma
Won Noble Prize in Physiology for her discovery of telomerase
Known for her novel Wuthering Heights
4th Prime Minister of Israel
Wrote the The Joy Luck Club
Feminist who wrote A Vindication of the Rights of Woman
Developed a system for evaluating the health of babies when they are born
A leading Impressionist artist of the late 1800s
A professor of English at the U. of Arizona who grew up on the Laguna Pueblo Reservation
Native American who founded the Chicago City Ballet
Founded the American Red Cross
She translated Isaac Newton's Principia Mathematica
1st American female professional astronomer
Called the Queen of Tejano music
1st black female physician in the United States
American painter known for her flower canvasses and southwestern landscapes
India's 3rd prime minister
1st woman to win a Nobel Prize: won in physics and chemistry
1st head of the math dept. at Bryn Mawr College
Native American known for aiding Lewis and Clark during their expedition
This poet was called "The Nightingale of India"
Nigeria's former finance & foreign minister and former managing director of the World Bank
One of the 1st black women to receive a doctorate in mathematics
Known as the "Empress of the Blues"
Co-founded the United Farm Workers
Portuguese-American mathematician who directs the Center for Nonlinear Analysis
1st woman appointed a university professor of mathematics
1st black woman to get a doctorate at MIT in nuclear physics
Called by Einstein as "the most significant creative mathematical genius"
German Jewish diarist
1st Hispanic female astronaut
The Ada computer language was named after her
Entomologist selected as one of the top 10 science teachers in 1995
1st female Prime Minister of Great Britain
Has won 3 Oscars and nominated 19 times
Designed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
One of Mexico's most acclaimed ranchera singers
Artist who used large paper silhouettes to explore social issues
The "Chinese Marie Curie" who worked on the Manhattan Project