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Sparta vs. Athens

Creator: Hannah Friedlander
What one job did men have in Sparta?
Athens was the birthplace of what civilization?
Athens let every citizen vote which is also called what?
He helped Athens grow in the golden age.
The war between Sparta and Athens.
The god who protected Athens
Boys were taught to do what in Sparta?
People in Athens loved watching these.
Men were soldier till they were how old?
1/3 of the people in Athens were these?
Sparta had two of these in charge of their government.
Athens built this temple to worship Athena.
This was the age spartan boys left their house to train for war.
Every spartan boy was trained to fight in what?
Unlike any other city-state in Greece, Sparta was fair to who?
Sparta was also known as what?
They led to Spartans decline.
The center of Athens.
A great philosopher who lived in Athens.
Slaves were called what in Sparta?