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Settling New Mexico

Teacher: Scarborough
The first Pueblo to revolt against Spanish rule. HNM109
One of the most important reasons that Onate was chosen to lead the settlement was that he was ______ and could pay for it himself. HNM103
This priest and two others were killed after being left behind by a group of soldiers who returned to New Spain HNM99
Within 6 months, Onate had moved his settlement to put some distance between the town and the nearby Pueblos. The new settlement was named ___. HNM107
A soldier and Onate's nephew. He was killed in the revolt at Acoma. HNM109
10 of these men traveled with Onate so they could begin to do the work of the Catholic Church in New Mexico. binder/vocab
His exploration began because he was chasing raiders north of New Spain. He hoped to find riches while he was here. HNM102
When Onate left the area, settlers of San Gabriel would follow this to get back to New Spain. HNM110
Once the largest and strongest Pueblo in NM. Named Pecos by Spanish explorers. HNM101
Onate carved his name here while he was out exploring the territory. Also known locally as "El Morro". HNM111
One of San Gabriel's major problems during the settlement's last years was ______ done by outside tribes. HNM111
The full name of New Mexico's first Spanish settlement. HNM106
This explorer traveled with a priest to find out what happened to Fray Augustin. He also told "stories" about what he saw in NM HNM100
This man was arrested, tried, and convicted of trying to settle NM without a grant HNM102
Mines that contained this metal were found close to Mexico City HNM97
Chosen to lead the expedition to settle NM's first official Spanish town. HNM103
"Eight months of winter and four months of hell" was a common saying about ___HNM110
When Espejo was traveling through NM, he heard stories about a ________ and tried to find it. HNM100
Permission from the king to settle new lands HNM100
The Catholic Church wanted to _______ Natives in New Mexico to their faith binder/vocab