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Baltic Sea Puzzle

Premium Travel Club: Tabitha
Our Cruise Line
Art Museum in Amsterdam
We have _____ Ports of Call
Swedes Favorite Dish
Baltic Sea is both Salt & Fresh Water
Hans Christian Andersen Famous Writer from Denmark, Wrote "the little _____"
Largest Lake in Estonia
Passages Deaf Travel
Baltic Sea Meets the _____ Sea
Largest Railway Station in the World
We Have 3 Days at
Largest City in Norway
Popularly Know as "the land of the midnight sun"
2nd Largest City in Russia
Travel Agent
Known as the "jewel of the north"
Borders Germany to the North
Country that Drinks the Most Coffee
People of Norway
Where we are Cruising July 6-18, 2017
Europe's Northern End
Anne _____ House in Amsterdam
Tallest People in the World are from
Borders Russia
1994 Winter Olympics
Premium Travel Club Members
Our Cruise Ends
Amsterdam Airport Code
World's Largest Beer Festival
Capital of Denmark
Baltic Sea is Located in Northern
Germany Port of Call
Very Famous German Scientist
_____ Countries Found Along the Baltic Sea
Celebrity Ship Sailing the Baltic
Our Cruise Begins
Lies in the Center of Europe
People of Denmark