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Middweek Puzzle

Puzzle Type: Amateur
Longest serving pres.
Once more
Not quiet
Go/___ (Where one can find the answers to this week's puzzle)
"Brick" singer Ben _____
Place for a dinner date on Friday night
Yiddish exclamations
Major key to Midd Basketball's success
Short footrace in the future?
Just ___ it!
With 25-across, milestone event for seniors
See 23 across
Locally supported farming org.
Phone __ ___ (Work half-heartedly)
Place to find love on a Saturday night
Cause for bagged flags
Number of weeks in an academic trimester
"Can I buy a ___?"
Sports team date-night event
_____ tea
Lobbyist group for space traveling grandfathers?
Reason to give up beer, for awhile at least
Sound of disgust
Therefore, to Nero
Homeric units of money
Backwards way to address a man you respect
Event with less certain outcomes than go/menu
Place to eat outside
Empty wallet payment
Last name of '92 and '96 also-ran whose first name is a clue to 23,25,and 53 across
Sought permission
Endowment conscious student org.
First name of a math professor whose last name is a place to eat
Controversial section of the Campus
Dulce et decorum ____
Former girlfriend of a certain Texas senator or an event that happens at Midd
Goods, on opposite day
Our Lady of Peace, abbr.
__-__-la ("How fancy!")
Expression of disgust
Farewell, to Manuel Valls
Branch of a fern
Middlebury clothes destroyers
How a poor speller might describe a low-cut dress
Like juice cleanses or Canada Goose jackets
God father to Thor
Butterfly-bee hybrid
Two Bros asks for two of them
Third-party on the line, for short
100m dash, eg.
Hotels in Ireland?
Where one gets a facial
Place to give your opinion anonymously
It might be seen running across Battell Beach on a Sunday
Group of bovines
Freshman in Brainerd or one who makes a soup
Doorway rain deflector
Federal inmate Blagojevich
Boston band that almost played at Midd in Fall '13
There are five of them in Stew
Come about
Mixed-up Atwater living space
Brian Griffin or Scooby Doo
Note written at the top of a failed exam
Temporary housing, permanent partying
Micro-_____ (Small scale electricity network)
No, in the Aloha State
River which leads to Cerberus
Kung-_____ chicken
Snake, in crosswords
Fraternity founded at Illinois Wesleyan University