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"Roll of Thunder" History

Teacher: Mrs. Romfo
City where MLK was assassinated.
Literacy test and poll taxes were used to prevent blacks from doing this:
President who signed the emancipation proclamation
Montgomery is a city in this state.
Name given to laws that states passed to segregate blacks
This U.S. court said in 1896 that "separate but equal" was legal.
First lady who invited Anderson to sing in front of the Lincoln Memorial.
In 1963 MLK gives his "I have a ___ " speech.
Between 1900-1931, 2000 mostly black people were:
In 1954 the Supreme Court said segregation in this was unlawful.
The Voting Rights Law outlawed these tests in 1965.
Thousands of these came to the South to help register blacks to vote.
Over this many blacks fought for the U.S. in WW2.
President who abolished military segregation in 1948.
Black performer not allowed to sing in Constitutional Hall
Civil rights leader who was assassinated in 1968.
In 867 this group formed in Tennessee.
In 1964, the ____ law ensured restaurants, hotels, and other businesses would serve all people, regardless of race.
He helped found the NAACP
In 1955 boycotts of these were started in Montgomery.