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Thanksgiving Crossword Puzzle

Teacher: Bonnie Whitfield
Thanksgiving is always held on this weekday.
Pilgrims settled in _________Massachusetts.
The Indians showed the Pilgrims how to grow this vegetable.
Like ____ and Cararots.
Native to the United States, before the first settlers came.
These are orange unlike regular potatoes.
Used as a flavor enhancer and to preserve foods.
When this frozen dessert melts it is considered a fluid.
The chemical name for salt.
Served over your Turkey and Dressing.
A good source of protein food.
Is a high potassium dessert pie served at Thanksgiving.
Served with Turkey and covered by gravy.
Fluid is measured in _______.
Is usually called summer ______ and is eaten at Thanksgiving
The first settlers from England.
Builds new tissue in the body. Get it mostly from animal foods.
Pilgrims used this type of gun to shoot their wild game.
Is considered a liquid at room temperature. It wiggles after refrigeration.
Is served Hot- good on a cold day and is considered a fluid.