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Artemis and Greece

Student: Stephanie
She obtained her hunting dogs from
Her twin brothers name was
She was extremely
An action taken to isolate an enemy and cut off its supplies
How many powers did she have
A public market place and meeting place in an ancient Greek city the Agora spelled with a capital a refers to the Agora in Athens
One of the five deer that served the goddess was
A city-state in ancient Greece
A condition of being owned by,and forced to work for,someoneelse
In ancient Sparta, the term slaves who were owned by the state
A seller of goods
To murder for political reasons
Her father was
A city-state in ancient Greece ;the capital of modern-day Greece
She was the goddess of the
One of her symbols was the
She had nymphs
A person wwho belongs to a group that others consider wild or uncivilized
A widespread disease
A temple was built in her honor at