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Teacher: Kate Long
This dolphin will team up with fishermen to help catch fish
This is the largest animal in the universe
Second largest whale on earth
Preceded the Pakictus and resembles an alligator
This dolphin lives in the Amazon
The rarest of all whales
Mysterious and endangered river dolphin who swim in deep water rivers
Well known for hunting GIANT squid
Most common and well known dolphin
The males and females will remain in the same pod as their mother for life
One of the earliest whale ancestors whose back legs disappeared
Referred to as the sea canaries since they sing and imitate sounds made by other animals
Catches their pray by turning sideways and scooping up sediments from sea floor
Earliest whale ancestor
Famous for their beautiful songs
Dolphin that looks much like the killer whale
Looks and behaves like the Bottle Nose Dolphin
Torpedo shaped dolphin also known as the little killer whale
Known as killer whale
Usually lives alone or in pairs
Third largest whale on earth
Record for having the world's biggest mouth
Endangered river dolphin whose eyes only let in a tiny pinprick of light