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review of greece #2

Teacher: Mrs. Favorite
Many Greek island are found in this sea
City with 20 foot wall surrounding it
Sparta made the people it conquered slaves
Developed theories in mathematics and music.
Continue the name Pythagoras in these two spaces
War between Athens and Sparta because of the Delian League
An alliance to work together. Many city states were forced to join and pay for improvements to the city state of Athens
City founded by Alexander, in northern Africa. A great lighthouse and library were built there.
Outdoor market place
Greek ruler who conquered parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa
Had the right to vote, own property and testify in court
The blending of Asian and Greek cultures
Greek inventor who improved the pulley system and invented the water screw
The father of medicine who said that doctors should heal all people.
Blind poet who wrote about the Trojan War in two poems called the Iliad and the Odyssey
Mathematician who worked on a system of plane geometry