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Interactions in the Physical Environment Part 1

Teacher: mister
Explosive, steep-sided volcano that develops a cinder cone
The San Andreas Fault in California is an example of this type of plate boundary
Huge wave caused by an earthquake on the ocean floor
thin layer of rock divided into plates.
Region formed by collision of Pacific and North American plates
Flat region with no mountains and few trees
General type of landform formed by being covered by ancient seas in the past
Landform region formed from ancient volcanoes worn down by glaciers and erosion
Scale used to measure earthquake magnitude
Ottawa has earthquakes because its in this type of geologic formation
Theory that Earth’s crust is made up of plates that move around
Boundary where tectonic plates collide
Supercontinent that formed 300 million years ago
Have periodically covered Canada over the last 100,000 years, and an important factor in shaping much of our landscape