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History Ch. 73 and 74

Teacher: M. McCarty
The harvesting of pearls and __________, a root became popular in China
K'ang-hsi compiled a Chinese __________ holding 50,000 characters
Became king after Lord Cromwell died
English ______________ : when a king was put back on the throne
Religious group in Scotland
Manchurians were to have an attitude of ___________ over the Chinese
The first Ch'ing emperor
K'ang-hsi hired _________to write the history of the Ming dynasty
Dynasty set up by the Manchurians
K'ang-hsi sponsored the compilation of a 5,000 volume encyclopedia that included the teachings of __________
Upper ___________ of the army were Manchurian while the lower were Chinese
Great plain located in northeast China
Presbyterians were nicknamed this
King following Charles II
When the Covenanters were hunted down like animals
Supported the king during the British Civil Wars
Since the Covenanters were not allowed to meet in churches, they met in fields and called the meetings _____________
Presbyterians signed these stating their faith in Christ
Supported the Parliament during the British Civil Wars
Kept China behind closed doors and caused them to fall behind the rest of the world in progress
Son of Shun-chih, he became the second emperor
____________ making was an art in China
___________ city was off-limits to the Chinese
Charles II made _________ head of the Church of Scotland.
Presbyterians believed He alone was head of the church