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Spanish Government and Missionary Work in New Mexico 1600s

Teacher: Scarborough
One of the punishments used by priests was to have people's arms and legs placed in these. HNM120
Judges. HNM122
One of the laws passed by the Spanish was marriage to one person, or ____. HNM118
Pueblo men resisted this task because it was viewed as women's work. Many were punished for disobeying the priests. HNM120
Pueblo governors were given a ___ to symbolize their authority as governor. HNM123
70 year span from 1610 to 1680 in which Spanish priests tried to convert Pueblo Indians to the Catholic Faith. HNM117
People did not have common ____, which made it very difficult for the priests to teach religious ideas. class discussion
Priests viewed Pueblo religion as ___. HNM120
Pueblos were regarded as _____, so they were expected to live under Spanish law. HNM117
Teaching ___ was the main focus of the mission priest's job. HNM119
Person in charge of all church matters. HNM122
Items were demanded from Puebloans to show respect to the encomienda title holders they worked for as part of the encomienda system. HNM124
This person was the leader of the colony of New Mexico. HNM122
The priests destroyed religious objects like masks, prayer sticks, and even ____. HNM121
Town council. HNM122
Governor Pedro de Peralta and this man got into serious arguments over who was to control NM. The fight even led to a shooting, the governor was arrested, and was robbed by this man. HNM124/125
Only part of politics in which the people could participate. HNM122
The priests used ___ to show the Pueblos basic Christian beliefs . HNM119
A specific kind of priest: sent to NM to convert the Pueblos. HNM118
This system, used to pay soldiers, caused a lot of suffering among the Pueblos because it was usually abused by the title holder. HNM124
A community of Indians who were supposed to obey the rules set by a priest. HNM118
The desire to have control over the Pueblo People caused a lot of ___ between the church and state governments of NM. HNM123