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World History II Review

Spain, 1st to reach Americans; "Exchange"
Spain novelist, "Don Quixote"
Predestination; Protestant
Spread catholic beliefs
England "Anglican" church defeats Spanish Armanda
Portugal, sailed around Africa to India
Artist, Sistine Chapel, David, Pieta
Math for motion of planets
95 Theses, vs. Catholic Church, Protestant
Laws of Gravity
Plays, Sonnets
Telescope, Heliocentric theory
Early dissenter against Catholic Church; burned at the stake
Exploration; Sea trade
Rule by people
Claimed Canada
Artist, Mona Lisa, Last Supper
"Spirit of Laws"
"Social Contract"
France; joins Thirty Years war for political reasons
Early dissenter; translate Bible to English
Heliocentric theory
Improved navigation
Free speech, Free religion
Printing press; spread ideas
German Composer "Baroque"
Conquered Inca
Humanist; intellectual ideas
Conquered Aztec
"Two Treaties"
Circulation of blood
Austrian Composer "Romantic"