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US History Test 5 (Part 1)

Author: Dr. Jeff Hessinger
Credited with inventing the steam engine
African country colonized by free slaves from the US.
Stirred up a slave rebellion in Virginia
wrote “The Impending Crisis of the South”.
Invented the power loom.
Campaign slogan, “Fifty-four forty or fight”.
Discovered gold in California in 1849.
First university to operate as a state university.
Started the Lyceum Movement
Invented the telegraph.
Invented the steel plow
First American High School founded in 1821.
Laid first transatlantic cable.
Treaty that ended the Mexican War in 1848.
slave route to freedom in Northern states to Canada.
was proposed in 1858.
President of the Confederacy.
The country that was offended by the Ostend Manifesto.
“He taught millions to read, but not one to sin”
Invented the Cotton Gin
Invented the sewing machine.
“King of the South”