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Dillows History

Teacher: Boettcher
The people who stole artifacts from ancient mummies graves
After Howard found the mummy he rushed it outside to put it through a ___________.
The Ancient Egyptians shaved their head because of ________.
The juts of the mummy were put in these jars.
Had a giant tomb made just for him. (how conceded)
A Government based off religion
The Nile river flows _______.
After they ________ the body it became crispy
This building was covered in a thin layer of gold.
These people were on the bottom of ancient Egypt's social pyramid
The city that Hatshepsut traded with
Rein lasted 60 years.
Mummies were buried with their cars because they were needed for the_________.
Howard carter found king ___'s mummy.
To protect their eyes ancient Egyptians wore______.
Where was the tomb that was thought to be constructed by aliens located?
99.5% of Americans know about this Pharaoh
Ruler/god of ancient Egypt
The first season of the Egyptian farming seasons
This woman wore a beard to seem like a man.
TThe last season of the Egyptian farming seasons
The most populate place in ancient Egypt, and a letter in Greek.
Traveled Egypt Building churches
The second season of the Egyptian farming seasons.
Agreement to end a war.