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Dog Breeds

Author: Laura Swinyer
Terrier group: Bred to chase small animals/ hunters used them in the British army. Black on tail and back while white, tan, or tan on the rest of the body.
Herding group: Bred and used for search and rescue crews, along with being know for their ability in sport and agility. Most well known for being able to herd.
Hound group: Bred to hunt rabbits because of how low they are to the ground. 2nd best nose in the world.
Sporting group: Bred to retrieve foul from water and land. One of the most popular dog breeds for families.
Non-sporting group: Bred to be a fighting dog but now its a companion dog. They are always either black, brindle, or seal.
Toy group: One of the most popular lap dogs, and one of the smallest dogs in the U.S. They come in tan, black, white, red or splash.
Terrier group: Bred to control "vermin". Medium sized dog, colors include: Blue and Black/Black/Slate Blue/Grey/Blue/Silver.
Working group: Bred to pull sleds in cold, harsh climates. Black pigmentation, and a large insulated coat.
Hound group: Bred to hunt mainly using fast speed, agility, and sight. Flowing coat, with a long narrow skull.
Toy group: bred to be used to get rid of rats in homes long ago now they are more of lap/companion dogs. Usually Black.