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Music, History, Words and Stuff

'You're My Obsession" songsters
It's music for William Burrough's Naked Lunch
Possessing shapely buttocks.
The rifle that won the west
What's this got to do with it?
Jenny Agutter went on one of these in 1970
No pistons in this car
Get a grip on the neck
Can I use your..........Why don't you use your finger like everyone else?
The pistol that won the west
Joy Division Singer
A man from uncle
If you get this on your clothes you may have to write it off
The other man from uncle
By any other name it's your chest
A smashing vegetable
Prepare for war with a Luger
A throwback to ancient times
A cocktail you wouldn't want to drink
But we've got the biggest
Naughty demon that visits women by night
Being gay in this state.
She's only happy when it rains
No fire in this arm
Pursued by man's best friend
A bunch of white hoods
The plane that saved The Battle Of Britain
A fundamental British epithet
A fishy haircut
An explosive that's a softie
Venereal disease that's also a form of approval