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Nature of Science; Scientific Investigations

Teacher: Wilkerson
Piece of glass with polished surfaces that separate a beam of white light into its component colors
Tools for measuring weight or the force of gravity's pull
Tool used to measure mass
A study of something to answer a question
Using materials wisely
An accurate answer to a question; there is evidence to back up the answer
Object that attracts iron, steel or another magnet
Lab tool used to heat substances
Evidence that is observable
Reusing to make new products
Device used to solve mathematical number problems
Tool that uses a lens to magnify very small images
Lab tools that make smaller objects look larger
A glass container for plants and small land animals
Visual representations designed to organize, examine or evaluate information
A large, wide cup used to hold substances in a science lab
An educated guess that can be proven true or false in an experiment or investigation
A lab tool with equally divided markings used to measure the volume of liquids
Device for weighing having a balanced beam and two pans
A glass tank that holds fish and other aquatic animals and plants
Evidence that is inferred
A device used to capture images
Anything in an experiment that can change
Device used to measure time
A smaller, three-dimensional example that shows how something looks or works