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Zoo Animals

Crossword 8 - MEDIUM  answers

Fastest animal
Big cat with stripes
Have tails, playful, like fruit
Like all apes, does not have a tail. Lives in family groups called troops.
Native to Australia. Have very strong back legs. Babies are called joeys. They live in their mothers’ pouches from birth until they are eight months old
Largest land animals. Their trunks are very strong and are used for breathing, smelling, touching, grabbing and trumpeting
Tallest animal
Playful. Lives in the water and on land. Has flippers and can learn tricks. Very popular at feeding time at the zoo
The only weasel that swims. Playful and smart, they take very good care of their babies
Have one or two humps on their backs
Look like horses with black and white stripes
Birds that do not fly. Have flippers instead of wings. Are really good swimmers
King of the jungle
Pink birds that live together in wetlands and rest on one leg
Native to the island of Madagascar. The ringtails keep their tails up when they walk on the ground so they can stay together.