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Facts About Fish

Author: Alyssa W.
There is a starfish with __ arms.
Sharks kill___ people a year while people kill 11,417.
The most poisoness fish in the world.
1 puffer fish has enough poison kill___people.
What you call a group of fish.
The sea animal that has enough electricity to kill a horse.
The fish that eats small crocodiles.
There is a hark in green land that eats____bears (type of bear). That type of shark can live up to 200 years.
The kind of fish that lived for 225 years (the species).
The only fully warm blooded fish (the species).
When you have an itch in your throat and you want to get it out, you do an action. Fish do this too.
Fish in polluted lakes lose their sense of_____.
The___fish can swim backwards.
The fish that has over 27,000 tastes buds.
Most fish have__all over their body.
Most brands of lipstick contain fish_____.
Can fish drown in water?
There are over___ known species of fish.
There is a jellyfish that could be _____.
The only fish that have eyelids.