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Things in Nature

Crossword 15 - MEDIUM Answers

Tall plants that have trunks and leaves, needles or fronds
A shoreline with sand or pebbles along an ocean or lake
Usually larger and deeper than ponds. Have land on all sides
Places that do not get a lot of rain
Higher than hills. Can have snow on top
They have feathers, wings and beaks. Most can fly and usually lay eggs in nests
Grows in deserts
Frozen water vapor. Fun to play in and ski on
You can see these at night if there are not too many clouds
Colorful blossoms that attract bees and butterflies
Furry animals with bushy tails. They climb trees and like to eat nuts and seeds
Raspberries grow on this. Another word for shrub
Large streams of water that flow along what is called a bed to the sea, a lake or another large stream
What shines during the day
Plants in lawns and parks. Many animals eat it fresh or dried as hay