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rocks and their properties

To wear away or change the appearance/texture of something.
The property a object has where it has light reflect or it emmiting it forming a sensation to the eye.
Hardening and wielding of clastic sediments.
How well a substance resists scratching by another substance.
Rock formed by sediments compacted and sedimented to form a rock.
How something feels.
The way light is absorbed or reflected.
Lack of being able to let heat or electricity pass through.
The size of the grains in a rock.
The particular way a rock formsf
Rock formed from another type of rock.
Naturally occurring solid aggregate of one or more minerals .
The consolidation of sediments resulting from the weight of overlaying deposits.
The amount of particles that makes up an object.
How close together the molecules or atoms of a substance are.
Ability to float in water.
Rock formed by cooled lava or magma.
Ability to let heat or electricity pass through.
The way a rock looks, often repeating itself.
Transition from one rock type to another.