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Ch. 12 Section 2 The Incas: People of the Sun

A knotted string on which the Incas recorded information.
A village in the Andes that became the Inca's capital city.
The United States changed from an ___ (farming) to and industrial society during the industrial revolution.
The emperor of the Incas, who expanded their empire
The Incas lived along the ___ coast of South America. (Peru, Bolivia, Chile, & Argentina)
Incas built ___, bridges, and aqueducts for their city's use (infrastructure).
A pipe or channel that carries water from a distant source.
An aqueduct can serve as an ___ system bringing water to an area that needs it.
Farming that is meant to meet the needs of the family not produce extra to sell.
An official count of all the people in an area and how they make a living.