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Key Enlightenment Thinkers

Written in 1776, "Wealth of Nations" criticized merchantilism and praised this system of trade.
The treatise, "On the Law of War and Peace", in response to this war.
This 35 volume compilation of human knowledge became a prominent symbol of the Enlightenment.
IItalian politician, Cesare Beccaria opposed this penalty as punishment for breaking laws.
This English philosopher's work effectively started the English Enlightenment in 1651.
What two fundamental laws did Sir Isaac Newton introduce the world to?
French feminist who wrote, "Declaration of the Rights of Women and the Female Citizen".
ThIs French satirist used his wit as a weapon to expose social and political abuses.
Name of Jean-Jacques Rousseau's controversial autobiography.
This philosopher asked why a perfect God would create such an imperfect world.
Baruch Spinoza Believed that ethics determined by this were more important as a guide to conduct than religion.
Tthis skeptic philosopher denounced reason as a valid approach of thought.
Political theorist, John Locke theorized that this kind of government would best serve all constituents.
This treatise, detailed the theory that all humans are inherently self-driven, evil, and need an all-powerful monarch to rule them.
Thomas Paine wrote this pamphlet encouraging American-British colonies to rebel against the Crown.
The name of the scientific method of investigation that stresses observation and reason as a means to an end.