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Instructor: Cathy Coffer
Two types of perm rods are straight and...
Bonds made of Sulfur
The side bonds are broke and reformed in what part of the hair
Potassium Hydroxide
Keratin protein chains are made of 18 amino acids linked together end to end like pop beads form...
The active ingredient or reducing agent called Ammonium Thioglycolate in alkaline perms
Process of straightening curly hair
Softens and swells the hair so chemicals can enter
Process of the hydroxide relaxer breaking the disulfide bond and removing one of the sulfur atoms to create a lanthionine bond
Usually hydrogen peroxide
The exterior layer of the hair that must be raised by change in pH so the solution can penetrate the cortex.
Proteins made from amino acids
Perms consist of both a _______ change and a chemical change
A lotion designed to restore the hairs natural pH prior to shampooing
Type of perm
Invented the Permanent Wave in 1909
The active ingredient in a true acid and acid-balanced waving lotions called Glyceryl Monothioglycolate
Sodium Hydroxide
Lithium Hydroxide Relaxer