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Meat, Fish and Poultry

The meat of sheep older than 1 year.
The meat from hogs that are less than one year
Meat that is browned on the surface with a thicker outer layer of gray and a red to slightly pink center
The meat from calves that are less than 9 months of age
Lighter colored wing and breast meat found on birds that rarely fly
Birds that are raised for human consumption
A mixture of ground spices that is rubbed on raw food before it is cooked
The edible internal organs of a bird
Measures the amount of usable meat on beef and lamb
Cooking methods such as broiling and grilling used for tender cuts of meat like tenderloins and strip steaks
Meat that comes from sheep that are less than one year of age.
A Japanese of raw or cooked fresh fish or seafood wrapped in cooked and cooled rice
A smaller portion of meat taken from primal cuts
Preserving pork with salt, sugar, spices, flavorings, and nitrites
Parts of a bird that have more muscle and connective tissue
Inserting long thin strips of fat or vegetables into the center of lean meat
The French word for snails
The fat that surrounds muscle tissue
Soft white tissue that breaks down into gelatin and water during slow moist cooking process.
Preparing and cleaning food so that it can be eaten
The muscle of animals such as cattle and hogs
Meat that is browned on the surface with a red center
A shellfish with no internal skeletal structure. Instead, it has a shell that covers a soft body
Meat that is browned on the surface and gray on the inside
What is left of the whole animal after it has been slaughtered
An infestation by a parasite that can cause muscular pain, stomach upset, fever, weakness, and swelling.
Fat within the muscle tissue
Meat that is browned on the surface with a thick outer layer of gray and a pink center
The best method for preparing large cuts of meat such as top round
Fiber in meat that determines the meats texture and contribute to its flavor
Sometimes called wholesale cuts, large primary pieces of meat separated from the animal
Wrapping a lean meat with fat such as bacon before roasting
Meat that is browned on the surface with a thick outer layer of gray and a center that is barely pink
To allow cooked meat to set so that juices redistribute throughout the meat
A hard yellow tissue that does not break down during cooking. Also referred to as gristle.
Break away in small layers
Fish that have had their gills and entrails removed
The direction of muscle fibers or treads in meat