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Biome Review

Permafrost found here
Tall grasses and acacia trees
Fires are common here
Receives 200cm rain annually
Living parts of an ecosystem
Has 4 seasons
Contains elephants, lions and giraffes
Smallest biome
Lacks most trees
Type of relationship where two organisms live very closely together
Found in the mid-west United States
Mostly shrubs
Makes up most of United States
Flea and dog
Grasses are most common type of vegetation
Relationship where both organisms benefit
Small amounts of rainfall but is really cold
Non-living parts of an ecosystem
Middle part of Africa
Majority of trees are evergreen
Located near the equator
Less than 25cm of rain annually
Relationship where one organism benefits and one is neither benefits or is harmed
Relationship where one organisms benefits and one is harmed
Makes up most of Canada
Can be hot and cold but mostly dry