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Modern US History

Princess Leia's Brother
Anti-Communist Guerilla Fighters in Nicaragua in the 1980s
President on 9/11
Taliban ruled here till 20011
Guantanamo Prison is located on this island
Inter..(nothing but)
Elected President in 2008
Also hit on 9/11
Financial _____ of 2008
McCain's running mate in 2008
Invaded Kuwait in 1990
3rd party candidate who cost Gore the 2000 election
Abbreviation for the Federal Reserve Board
President during Persian Gulf War
World's 1st 24/7 News Network
1st Target hit on 9/11
Equivalent of the US Dollar in Europe
When Doves...
Bowl Championship Series
The Loneliest Number
US borrowed $1 trillion in an emergency loan in 2008 from them
Pandemic that Regan was slow to react to
Fought alongside US in Yugoslavia and Afghanistan
Latest Generation of Cell Phones
National ___: money the US Government owes
Military Doctrine used in Persian Gulf War
Laugh Out Loud
US anti-missile system 1st used in Persian Gulf War
Invaded by Iraq in 1990
Kicked Taliban out of Afghanistan in 90 days after 9/11
Interest ____ are controlled by the FED
Goldman _____
Civil War here led to ISIS gaining power
Integration of world economies and cultures
Peace Prize won by Obama
GOP nominee in 2012 for President
___bin Laden
Emeril said this when he added spice to his food
President Clinton was ________
It's not television, it's....
Vice-President on 9/11; advocated torture of terrorists
World's most popular social media site
Won the popular vote in 2000 but was not elected President
2004 Presidential Candidate/Current Secretary of State
2016 Super Bowl Champs
Over-threw and killed Qadaffi
First name of King of Pop
Conservative group dominates GOP today
___HUSSEIN, former Iraqi Leader
Most popular Sports League in the USA
____News, starts in 1990s