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___Reformation; Catholic reaction to Martin Luther
Invented by the Chinese, great for Navigation
Founded in Medina by Mohammad
Republic replaced by Empire
Local Area Network
_____Othodox Church
Land bridge here allowed humans to walk into North America about 12k years ago.
Name of Roman Emperors
Non-Governmental Organization like Amnesty International, or Doctors without Borders
Revolution that resulted in mass scale manufacture of goods
Developed theory of Communism
Head of the Roman Catholic Church
Often the source cause of Genocide or Racism
Invented to help with navigation
____crescent, where civilization began
Held World's Largest Empire until after WW2
1st used extensively by Egypt
Greek rival to Athens
Almost all early civilizations believed in at least 1 of these
P. __________
Was far more common in the ancient world than today
European idea that embraces science and knowledge
To provide weapons
Conquered by Cortez
Greek God, companion of the Nympths
Founder of Byzantine Empire
Moscow and St. Petersburg were both capitals of this Empire
Christian Europe's attempt to conquer the Holy Land
Communists in the 20th century tried to eliminate this universal characteristic of civilization but failed
You must do this in order to ensure your right to party
Only empire to thrive in Mountains
This happened to Lucrecia, which led to the Romans kicking out the Eutruscans
Name given to Island Columbus landed on in 1492
Egyptian Empire centered around this river
Worth 6 points
Russian for Caesar
Hitler was a huge advocate for this
Ship __________
1st name of most famous Chinese Admiral
Dude with the Ark
Man's best friend, helped to form civilization
His philosophy dominated China and Japan
1st fascist dictator in 20th Century Europe
Usually an Asian or African Country held by a Foreign Power (usually European)
You teacher spent the night here a couple weeks ago
Headquarters of the Catholic Church for centuries
City in France that holds huge international film festival
OH yeah, it is _____!
Humans walked out of here about 2 million years ago
Bottom of your shoe, unless your foot is in bindings...
Crossroads of World trade before 1492
Had very accurate Calendars, many temples in Central America
Founder of Mongolian Empire
Revolution that led to widespread use of agriculture
First used in WW1
World's first Nuclear Superpower
Led by Martin Luther, created Protestant Churches
His wife was turned to salt as she watched Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed
US enemy in WW1 and WW2
Considered the world's first civilization
Tombs for the Pharohs
Were held captive in Babylon for years
Empire that made silk road travel safe
Just got____today, lyric from ZZ Top song
Against the Machine
The Plague, Small Pox, Spanish Flu are examples
When you domesticate something so it's no longer wild
Cheap today, extremely valuable in the ancient world
Egyptian Sun God
Early domesticated herding animal
Party that ran Germany thru WW2
European Equivalent of the Dollar
Found in all societies throughout history; men are in charge
Empire that battled the Greeks in the movie 300
Type of society where the economy is based on herding
Half of all numbers are this
Columbus' men spotted this on October 12, 1492
Chinese Dynasty that existed at about the same time as Rome
Revolution that everyone lost their heads over
Developed theory of Evolution
Black ones were predicted by Einstein's Theory of Relativity
Road where trade from China met trade from Europe
1st Democracy, also a direct democracy
Fought passively to free India from Britain
Primary religion of India today
Grows fat on a Rolling Stone, according to the song American Pie
US Center for Disease Control
"____west, young man"