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Crossword Word Search Worksheet

The Blake Boys Crossword III

Author: R Laurel
What is the title of the fifth song on Seth & Morgan's playlist?
What is the name of Charisma's dad?
What was the title of Seth's biography?
What was the hashtag Derek used after he responded to Lamont on Social media?
What jewelry item did Grandma Reed lend Charisma?
What is the name of Seth's friend who plays for the Tomcats?
What is Seth's nick name for his little girl?
What sport does Seth coach at the boys' school?
What is Grandma Reed's full name?
What is Wyatt's nick name for Avery?
What drink did Morgan serve Isabelle in Slap Shot?
What present did Derek give to his niece and nephew?
What gift from Derek did Charisma agree to keep?
What is Trevor Reed's 'occupation'?
What stadium did Derek offer to meet Lamont at to settle their differences?
What city does Derek's brother Alex live in?
What is the name of Jared & Autumn's pup?
Who is the new quarterback for the Texas Tomcats?
In what Blake series novel did J.J. dunk Sam into their pool?
Where did Derek & Charisma go to eat after Luke's party?