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U.S. History EOC Review-Civil War & Reconstruction

Lincoln's primary goal during the Civil War
The US gives away 160 acres to promote Manifest Destiny as long as you stay 5 years and improve the land
The Radical Republicans would not pay the debts of the South in the Civil War and forbid former Confederate soldiers from serving in political office. The Radical Republicans wanted to "......." the South for starting the Civil War
This Amendment allowed MALE African Americans to voteAmericans to vot
John O' Sullivan says "go west young man and conquer the continent"
The first government agency to help AF Americans after the Civil War
Individual from the north who could read and write and took many jobs away from southerners during Reconstruction
This Amendment granted citizenship and equal protection of the laws to African Americans
Laws designed to limit civil liberties and personal rights of AF Americans
First Civil War battle the North wins and Lincoln issues the Emancipation Proclamation
The Dawes Act ended this and forced Native Americans to assimilate to the idea of becoming farmers
Group of White supremacists who use terror to keep AF Americans from voting
Individual who was a southerner who worked with the Union troops occupying the South
The term used to "rebuild" the South after the devastation of the Civil War
This word describes the effort to have slavery in the South and Free Soil in the North
This Amendment ended slavery
President who granted pardons to Confederate soldiers against the wishes of the Radical Republicans
The South is allowed to travel into northern states to capture and return run-a-way slaves
Weird EOC words used to describe sharecropping
South Carolina "left the Union" first
Term used in South Africa to describe racial separation