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A quick moving cold air mass runs into a slow warm air mass
A violent disturbance in the atmosphere
Great plains from parts of Texas to South Dakoda and Iowa
Moist and warm
Heated air creating an explosive sound
High speed winds going west to east
Major wind belt that pushes air masses from west to east
Inside is the safest place for thunder storms
Moist and cold
A fast moving warm air mass overtakes a slow moving cold air mass
When water pours into a stream or river and the banks overflow
When cold and warm air masses meet but the cant move each other
Dry and warm
A body of air that has similar temp, humidity and air pressure
Caused by strong winds and flying debris
A tropical cyclone that has winds of 119 km per hour or higher
Dry and cold
Warm air mass caught between two cold air masses
A boundary where two unlike air masses meet
When air is colder than zero degrees celsuis