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World History

Enlightenment thinker that promoted the idea of eliminating social classes and the aristocracy.
Symbol of the American Revolution
Series of trade routes that moved goods, ideas, diseases, and technology between Asia and Europe
The economic system of Medieval Europe
Most famous of renaissance artists. He is known as a painter, sculptor, inventor.
The fall of this city in 1353 helped jumpstart the Renaissance and Age of Exploration
Bonaparte, French General and Emperor
Wrote about the social contract
Document that put limitations on the English king and protected the rights of the nobles signed by King John in 1215
Anyone who trades service for land and protection
Inventor of printing press in Europe This transformed European society as literacy moved to the general population
Mesopotamian form of writing in clay tablets
Greek City state that conquered neighbors to feed and grow their city state. They were known for the most powerful army in ancient greece.
French naval defeat that ended Napoleon's plan to invade Britain and ensured Britain would be the most powerful navy in Europe.
The American empire conquered by Hernan Cortes in 1521
The source of authority for rulers during the medieval period in Europe
Jacobin leader who led the Public Safety committee and was responsible for the Reign of Terror.
Enlightenment Thinker that promoted that government derives its power from consent of the governed.
French ruler that bankrupted France through many wars
Laws of Roman Republic posted in the public forum
Englightenment thinker who advocated for freedom of speech
Italian enlightenment thinker that promoted elimination of torture or cruel and unusual punishment.
French defeat that marked the end of Napoleons bid for power.
A series of meetings or Congress was held here.
Symbol of the French Revolution
Birthplace of democracy
Water system to bring fresh water into a city from a water source. Rome was fed by 13 of these.
Bubonic plague that wiped up to 50% of Europe's population.
State owned slave that had to pay 50% of the crops that they raised as a tax to support Spartiates.
Location of Prince Henry's School of Navigation