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Crossword of History

One of the most influential guitarists to this day. He played the guitar left-handed.
A dreadful Tuesday on the date of May 4th, 1886
A war that was broadcasted, a war everyone hated.
A spokeswoman for feminism back in the 1960-70s.
The North American Free Trade Agreement.
Founder of the Eagle Forum, and an activist.
He co-founded the National Farm Workers Association. (1962)
Although made in the 1800's, it met its' end in 1965.
The 35th U.S. President
The 37th U.S. President.
Their origin was 1960, and they swarmed the U.S. in a form of a 'British Invasion'.
George Clinton and a group of other associated with him founded this subgenre.
The 42nd President of the U.S.
The U.S. civilians always fought about something going on. What exactly did they do?
The 40th U.S. President.
JFK didn't die peacefully.
First African-American President.
A company that started a revolution back in the mid-70's.
Another company that started a revolution in the mid-70s.
An annual even that happens on the 22nd of April.
The 43rd President of the U.S.