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Class with caecilians
Class with newts and salamanders
Found on the bottom and in the front of the mouth
Mouth, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, large intestines, cloaca and anus.
Used for hearing
Has a tail, gills and is a herbivore
Mouth part that leads to the lungs
3 accessory digestive organs
Teeth on top rim of frogs mouth
Lower heart chamber
Pupils that see best during the day time.
Pupils that see best at night
Class with frogs and toads
Teeth, center on top palate between nostrils.
Upper heart chambers
3rd eye lid of a frog
A frog does not have one of these in its chest area.
Mouth part that leads to the ear drums
Had no tail, lungs and carnivore
Insulates and protects organs
Mouth part that leads to the stomach.
Connective tissue in frogs body
Male frog mating style