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chapter 7/8 history crossword puzzel

To ship things out of the country, it is called ____.
In a ______ _____ families worked together to produce goods.
The more people _____ in cities, the more industry developed.
In the late ____'s the role of women in society was restricted.
In Canada west, Emily jennings/ Stowe was the first female ____
Many culturally distinct groups living within a society is called ____.
Lack of personal ______ was a push factor for people to move to Canada.
Working ______ in factory's were horrible and very poor.
The _____ of immigrants varied depending on how well, the government opened the immigration tap.
Bring product into the country is known as ______.
People who start their own businesses.
_____ was prime minister for 15 years.
_______ is when you legally take land from the owner.
A positive ____ means Canada exported more than imported.
_______ was key to population growth.
Pioneers and _____ helped to create change in Canada.
In a _____ system families did not work as a unit
Free ____ and rich soil were some of the things that were included in the last best west.
_____ national park, was founded in 1888.