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Birds and mammals

Gliding lemurs
Sharp canine teeth
Bones are light and ______.
Trunk snouts
Feathers used for warmth and insulation
Internal reproduction
Group that eats insects
Largest organ in the mammals body
Glands that secrete water
Manatees and modified flippers
4 movements of birds wings.
Glands used to mark territory.
Glands found at the base of the birds tail.
Produce mile to feed their young.
Sitting on and keeping contents warm until it hatches
Hooves with even numbered toes.
Hooves and teeth like a Rhino, Hyraxes
Where food is absorbed into the blood.
Branches off the shaft
Dolphins and whales
Feathers used for flight
Rabbits and hares.
Mammal that lay eggs
Hooves with an odd number of toes.
Birds rubbing oil on feathers.
Attached to the birds lungs that increases oxygen and makes it lighter
Rats, squirrels and beavers
Feather part that attaches directly to the birds body.
Warm blooded
Moisten and stores food in the bird
Covered with horny scales
Mammal with a pouch
Cross branches between each barb giving it strength.
No teeth and feed on insects.
Contains small stones and grit to crush seeds