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the part of personality that, according to Freud, represents internalized ideals and provides standards for judgment (the conscience) and for future aspirations
a sleep disorder characterized by uncontrollable sleep attacks. the sufferer may lapse directly into REM sleep, often at inopportune times
the brain's sensory switchboard, located on top of the brainstem; it directs messages to the sensory receiving areas in the cortex and transmits replies to the cerebellum and medulla
the sense of hearing
n organized whole. Gestalt psychologists emphasize our tendency to integrate pieces of information into meaningful wholes
in psychoanalytic theory, the basic defense mechanism that banishes anxiety-arousing thoughts, feelings, and memories from consciousness
Humans big mistake is that they are
The study of mental and behavioral processes
the transparent structure behind the pupil that changes shape to focus images on the retina
memory aids, especially those techniques that use vivd imagery and organizational devices
the persistence of learning over time through the storage and retrieval of information
below one's absolute threshold for conscious awareness
the conscious repetition of information, either to maintain it in consciousness or to encode it for storage
the mental activities associated with thinking, knowing, and remembering
a complex behavior that is rigidly patterned throughout a species and is unlearned
Heartbeat and breathing
theorist who studied psychosocial development across the lifespan.
the mental activities associated with thinking, knowing, and remembering
the retention of encoded information over time
a characteristic pattern of behavior or a disposition to feel and act, as assessed by self-report inventories and peer reports.
drugs (such as alcohol, barbiturates, and opiates) that reduce neural activity and slow body functions
agents, such as chemicals and viruses, that can reach the embryo or fetus during prenatal development and cause harm.
the activation, often unconsciously, of particular associations in memory
the process of getting information out of memory storage
a relativelr due y permanent change in an organism's behavioto experience