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SK Themed No.3

All clues (including 6ac) 6ac from the solution for their wordplay. All definitions are normal.

Pan to topless couple (3)
Glasses with mojito brimming produce cocktail hit (6)
Bar tip (4)
In part, fatigues financial support during cash crisis (5,5)
Uniform and make-up (4)
They threaten performance of play set in Wales (7,5)
Gospel film of non-belief covered by Today Show (5,4)
Young child's mobile with this version of Tinder confiscated quick (5)
Lawman bans her craft (5)
Kitty flipped initial card indeed! (9)
Cooking of batter has relevance for this meal! (3,9)
Fine notary for odd absences (4)
One's lust and drives in disarray - wrecks their passion? (4,6)
Cruel Sea at benefit... (4)
...for old platter maker, yet so novel (6)
One's shift in Emergency ends (3)
Train, road, by air? (4)
Old emperor penguin finally falls to case of hypothermia (4)
Items off a dinner setting?! (5,3,4)
Hang around for John (5)
Ad Libs aired might be useful exercise (5,2,2)
Is Vatican concealing parasites in the flock? (5,5)
Rising to No.1, Day set out to consolidate (4,6)
Champ consumes bubbles and tripe (12)
Sochi loss agitated upper classes here? (3,7)
Estonia TV manipulated by war machine (6,4)
Train, tram are cut back - traffic works here (3,6)
Sporadic fluency is a bit weird (5)
Green summit (4)
Models, Yes, and a little Icehouse? (4)