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Tobacco Education

People die from this type of smoke
Are not proven to be safer
Smoking can lead to _____ loss.
This happens when your brain doesn't get the nicotine it is used to
Babies who breathe secondhand smoke are sick more often with this
____are damaged and can make them thicken, which makes your heart beat faster
It takes ____seconds for nicotine to effect the brain
Used to preserve dead specimens
Smoking makes your blood this
Cataracts lead to this
Smoking effects the _____works and is a cause of Type 2 Diabetes
Nicotine is a _____ poison in very large doses
Smoking causes this in babies
Number of people who quit each year
Cancer causing radioactive element
Smoking harms nearly every ____ in your body
______of deaths of coronary heart disease are from smoking
Smokeless tobacco also causes this type of cancer
Smoking causes____which is a leading cause of death
Poisons found in cigarettes are ____ by the FDA but not in other uses.
Smoking increases this risk in eyes
Nicotine in large doses is a _____
Smoking causes this, of the face
Forms a sticky substance in the lungs
Is a sticky residue left in your lungs
Smoking causes _____ loss
Cigarette smoke is 10,00 times more concentrated than___
One in ____deaths are due to smoking
Bone_________ are more common among smokers
Chemicals were added to help you tolerate _____ amounts of smoke
Is getting the last laugh
___tobacco is leading cause of oral cancer
Smokers die _____years sooner on average
Smoking causes ____deposits
Is also used to clean toilets
Nicotine in small doses is a _____
Nicotine is as addictive as_____
Do not make cigarettes safer
_____thousand adolescents start smoking each day
____ cigarettes does not decrease the risk