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Revolutionary War USA

English settlements in US
Boston __ Party
Not off
Chapel. Freedom-fighters prayed together @ __
Regain. Redcoats tried to __ American land
And so forth (ab)
Country. American Revolution birthed a __
Irritated. Adams' Sons of Liberty __ British troops
Like, while
Response. Revolutionary War was a __ to King George's taxes & tyranny
Add. Colonists fought to __ their freedom
Sea. French fleet crossed the __ to help America
Damage. Boston Tea Party was __ of British property
Kettle or marijuana
Jesus is the __ & Omega, Beginning & End
Bed shoe. A moccasin is a colonial era __
Beer. Is __ what is ailing U?
Habitation. Colonists wanted freedom after taking up __ in New England
Observation. Minutemen kept __ for Redcoats
British general who surrendered to US @ Yorktown in 1781
# of gods that lead to heaven. John 14:6
Speaker. Patrick Henry honed his skills as an __ by reciting sermons in a carriage as a child
Tiny bit
Bible. Revolutionaries cited __ vs English tyranny
Paintings. Trumbull's __ depicts early American history
Essay. Jefferson wrote a __ on independence from England
Male pronoun
Mainland. Washington led the __ Army in American Revolution
Native. English asked colonists to pay $ for French & __ War
Strategic. John Paul Jones used __ maneuvers to capture warships & a castle
Do this @ a green light
Physically fit. Continental Army was looking for __ volunteers
Jackets. British troops were Red__
Imprint. The __ Act was a British tax
Be a turncoat. Benedict Arnold chose to __ America
Therefore, thus
Indigent. Franklin's witty book, __ Richard's Almanac
Afresh, once more
Harbor. King George's Intolerable Acts incl. closing Boston __ to trade