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American History

Mayflower's passengers
Statehouse. US __ was burned by Brits in the War of 1812
Natives who attacked Fort Mackinac
Underwater vessel. Ironclads & a __ sank ships in the Civil War
Sovereign authority. Founding Fathers prayed Christ would have __ over all the earth
Last-stand Texas fort where Mexicans killed Davy Crockett
Instructions. Colonial America used the Bible for school __
Disgrace. Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a __. Proverbs 14:34
Rutherford the Reconstruction President, 1st to have a phone
Wrath. Colonists felt great __ @ British taxation w/o representation
Basic unit of matter
Murdered. Garfield, McKinley, Lincoln & Kennedy were __
Was the Louisiana Purchase an oil rig?
Massachusetts Minutemen battled Brits & Lexington at __
Typhoon. A __ extinguished the British fires that were burning DC in 1814
1st US capital
Woman. Dolly Madison was 1st __
Anti-Communist California movie actor President
Jesuit settlements in early America
Shaggy young critters. Lewis & Clark gave Jefferson bear __
Japan surprise-attacked @ __ Harbor
Victorious. Colonists were __ over the mother country
Confederate General Robert E. __
Topic. British impressment of sailors was a War of 1812 __
Change. Moving from Old World to New World ways required __
Islam founder. Teddy Roosevelt warned about the religion of __
Were scones served @ Boston Tea Party?
Rubble. After the Civil War, the country was in __
Torch property. Brits' burning of DC was __ in War of 1812
Were most Founding Fathers Christians?
Female sibling. Grover Cleveland's __ served as 1st Lady
Jesus' birth cut the timeline of history into BC & __
Slang 4 physician
Continental Army (ab)
New England (ab)