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Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5-7

Seek the kingdom of God in this order. 6:33
Jesus came to fulfill this. 5:17
You will know false prophets by their ____. 7:15,20
A good tree bears this. 7:17 (2 words)
No one can serve two of these. 6:24
If you call someone this you are in danger of hell fire. 5:22
If you teach anyone to break a commandment you are this in the kingdom. 5:19
When you pray, don't use these kinds of repetitions. 6:7
Be ____ to your brother before you bring your gift. 5:24
When you do this, don't sound a trumpet. 6:2 (2 words)
Do not give what is ___ to the dogs. 7:6
The gate that leads to destruction. 7:13
Jesus did not teach like these people. 7:29
Do this when they persecute you. 5:11
You will find Him in the secret place. 6:6
The pure in heart shall do this. 5:8 (2 words)
You must ___ the righteousness of the pharisees. 5:20
Do not lay these up for yourself on earth. 6:19
Do not do this about your life. 6:25
Ask, seek, ___. 7:7
Consider this is in your eye before you remove the speck from your brother's eye. 7:3
Adultery and this are the same. 5:28
Forgive us of these. 6:12
If you do not do this for men, God will not do it for you. 6:15
Not everyone who says this shall enter the kingdom. 7:21
If you don't do what He says, you are this. 7:26
Don't cast your pearls before these. 7:6
Mourners shall be this. 5:4
If salt loses this, it is good for nothing. 5:13
What you do to those who curse you. 5:44
Agree with him or you will face the judge. 5:25
There's is the kingdom of heaven. 5:3 (3 words)
Those who practice this will depart from Him. 7:23
Don't do this like hypocrites. 6:5
If you do what He says you are this. 7:24
Don't put this under a basket. 5:15
These are arrayed in more glory than Solomon. 6:28,29
Few find this gate. 7:14
The lamp of the body. 6:22
You are not to do this by heaven or God's throne. 5:34
This is where your treasure is. 6:21
Don't worry about what you shall ___. 6:31
The Father wants to give ____ things to those who ask Him. 7:11
If you love only those who love you, what ___ do you have. 5:46
Deliver us from this. 6:13
When you do this, wash your face. 6:17