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Middle School: How I Survived Bullies, Broccoli and Snake Hill

Rafes imaginary friend/dead brother.
What the people from Bobcat cabin call the people from muskrat hut.
The "bad boy" in Rafe's cabin.
The person Rafe took the blame for when they put peanut butter and honey in Major Sherwoods cabin.
What was "A Good Man Charlie Brown".
"The Dictator"
The main character
His real name is Noah.
Rafe's sister
Leader of Bobcat Cabin and the bullies.
Normans unwanted nick-name.
The word that means you have to get down at camp.
His real name is Jose, he gets his nickname from his haircolor, witch is: blue.
The name of the camp that Rafe goes to.
What Normans books were in.
The camps Math teacher and lifeguard.
What was used to posion the campers
The Cabin that Rafe is in.
The "Cool Cabin"
HIs real name is Jake, also the tallest kid in Muskrat hut.