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Teedra Hudson
Major roll in trapping heat and making Earth habitable for human life.
System renewal
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Words about God, The Christian faith is concerned with a just and sustainable existence for all Gods Creatures.
Canadian deposit of bitumen which can only be strip mined and the oil extracted by using heat generated by burning natural gas.
Belief that humans are special and above the laws of nature.
Technology used to form cracks to release oil and natural gas
Patterns of weather
Future dysfunctional society
Process of destroying forests and valleys to strip mine coal deposits.
The protective bubble of air, water, warmth that allows living things to self regulate life on earth.
Wide range of living things living in a given place
Destruction of woodlands
Marketing strategies to co-opt the principles of environmental practices
Carbon based minerals that have stored energy from the sun for millions of years.
Reefs turn white as coral dies off
Gases in the atmosphere that trap the heat of the sun and warm the temperature of the planet
World Trade Organization