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Mont Saint Michel Paris Chartres Loire Chateaux

John 3:19
Cheesy country of Mont Saint Michel, Paris, Chartres & Loire Chateaux
Royal residences. Some Loire Valley chateaux look more like __ than castles
Reconfigure. Catherine de Medici did more than __ the furniture @ Chateau Chenonceau when the king died
Skeletal remains. Like Rome, Paris' catacombs R full of __
Rodents that like French cheese
Burial chamber under church. Chartres __ is largest in France & was used as a hospital, ironically
Reconquer. France tried to __ land from England with Joan of Arc leading the charge
Christopher __ played Superman
One. Eat __ apple
Loire France (ab)
"Dimanche" is French 4 this day
R able. Think about what U __ do, not what U can't
Remains. France __ in EU after Brexit
Famous Gothic Medieval cathedral SW of Paris with labyrinth 4 pilgrims
Overdose. It's hard not 2 __ on food & fun in Latin Quarter
Our planet. __ is as close as atheists will get 2 Heaven & Christians will get 2 Hell
Perform. What U __ with Jesus now determines what He does with U later
Heaven. For 1000 years pilgrims journeyed to Mont Saint Michel on "paths to __"
Chinese tennis star, __ Na
Lady __ died in a Paris tunnel
Operating system (ab)
Lady. Notre __ Cathedral, Paris
Desert refuge. Mont St Michel is an __ of Medieval Christianity in a literal sea
Impressionist Kaleidoscope (ab)
Shorelines. France is situated on both Atlantic & Mediterranean __
Not guilty. God declares us __ when we trust Christ 4 salvation & repent
Ultimate Utopia (ab)
Sour liquid
Short poem
Dairy delights. Camembert, Neufchatel, Fromage Monsieur, & Pont l'Eveque are Normandy __
Still. We don't __ know all that our salvation has saved us from
Exist. 2 __ or not 2 __, that is the ?
Castle. Mont Saint Michel was used as a __ during 100 Years War
Abbeys, 1/2 timbered villages, D-Day, cheese & cider mark this French region
Precisely. Mont St Michel has highest tides in Europe so It's hard to predict __ how high they will rise
Maze on Chartres floor
Fought. Charlemagne __ 4 the Christian faith vs Islam
Nuns. Mont St Michel Abbey is run by Jerusalem friars & __
Rest In Peace (ab). __ might be found on Mont St Michel tombstones
Means "new bridge" but Pont __ refers to oldest bridge in Paris
"Ouvert" means the museum is __, not closed
Quebec is a French city in this country
Paradise. France is a __ 4 fromage lovers
Killers. Many __ tried to get rid of self-indulgent Louis XIV
Worried. Avignon popes __ more about building palaces than folks' spiritual needs
Paintings & sculpture. The Louvre displays great __
Roof interiors. Loire Valley chateaux __ are vaulted, painted or coffered
Possesses. Whoever __ the Son of God has life, but if U don't U don't. 1 John 5:12
Seclusion. Daydream of __ on Medieval Mont St Michel
French 4 "king"
Warm. 365 fireplaces __ the Chambord Chateau
Matter. Islamic terrorism is an urgent __ in France
Greek architecture style
Expert or unreturnable tennis serve
French Impressionist painter of water lilies
Rescue. Victor Hugo's novels helped to __ Notre Dame
Hawaiian acacia wood
Classic Christian Chinese author, Watchman __
Weep. Did Marie Antoinette __ B4 being guillotined?
That is (ab)
Maternity ward (ab)