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Fashion, Fashion, Fashion

She designed the mini skirt
French for hat
Chaps trademark designer
Hermes handbag in homage to an actress/princess
Vogue Editor
______of the Wind
Designing without a pattern
1st fashion capital
Reworking an old garment to wear again
Pant's measurement
One of the first supermodels
British coat company
Designed Madonna's bustier
No. 5
Women's underpants designed by Calvin Klein
Jackie's designer while in the White House
Ruffles down the front of a blouse
A type of pleat
Created the New Look in the 1940s
Fabric with intricately woven pattern
Husband and wife design team
Checked cotton fabric
Tight jeans/leggings
Italian design capital
Color of beret made famous by Prince
Designer's notebook of designs
________ couture
Creator of the bandage dress
Twenties style mini dress
Other name for men's suspenders
Cunningham of NY Times People on the Street fame
Jeans company
Dylan's pillbox hat
Coomes de ________
Former figure skater turned designer