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Chemistry & Biochemistry Review

The total number of protons and neutrons in an atomic molecule.
Means "one".
The benzene ring structure is responsible for some of the most antibacterial and antimicrobial compounds found in ___?
Are the most notorious groups of secondary metabolites found in plants.
The ___ is central in all amino acids.
Refers to molecules that have a ring structure, the carbon atoms are joined in a ring formation.
Refers to a reaction that takes places in the presence of oxygen; anaerobic means "without oxygen."
Refers to fats, lipids or waxes.
Double bonds within the hydrocarbon chains characterize ____?
___ in our body are fats that are long chains of carbon and hydrogen that are rich in energy.
___ are the substances used by living organisms in the process of metabolism.
A halogen element, commonly a gas, that is a strong oxidizer with a strong odor.
Foods rich in ___ are citrus fruits, grape skins, and teas.
Another class of compounds important to aromatherapy are the ___?
Water-based, as in an aqueous solution.
A protein that is involved as a catalyst in a chemical reaction.
Having a painkilling effect.
The electrons in the outermost shell or energy level of the atom.
Repelling, not absorbing or mixing with water, or not dissolving in water.
The addition of water.
Subatomic particles found in the nucleus of the atom that carry a positive charge.
Lipids made up of multiple isoprene units.
All carbohydrates are made up of sugar units called?
Boiling to remove one chemical from another via evaporation.
The study of chemicals and chemical reactions in the body.
Refers to compounds that have carbon as the backbone structure, such as a carbohydrate.
Enzymes and ____ are responsible for metabolic functions in the plant and the body.
Means "many" ; example are polymer.
A hydrocarbon molecule that has a hydroxyl (-OH) group bonded to it; it is made of carbon and hydrogen atoms.