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History Vocabulary

History Vocabulary 
Weapons,tools, another things made by human
Distance north and south of the equator
A person how hunts for evidence buried in the ground
Writing from the Mesopotamians consisting of hundreds of wedge shaped marks cut into damp clay tablets
A line of rulers from one family
Egyptian writing system that consisted of picture symbols that stood for sound
A writen language of china made up of pictures
Egyptian god and goddesses who controlled forces of nature and human activities
Political district or village
Community that has its own government and its not connected to a larger unit
A system of beliefs introduce by a chinese thinker confucius which taught that people needed to have a sense of duty their family and community
Tame animals and plants for human use
People who regularly move from place to place
An area where a river branches out in a fan like shape before it flows into a large body of water
Distance east and west of the prime meridian
Gigantic structure found in egypt that protected the dead pharos from floods wild animals and grave robbers
A record keeper